With approximately $60 billion in investment balances, Transamerica Stable Value Solutions is a leading provider of synthetic GICs, the core stable value product serving the pension and savings market.

Synthetic GICs (guaranteed investment contracts) enable stable value funds to deliver intermediate bond-like returns, without the volatility, while providing safety and stability similar to that of money market funds. With its combination of competitive returns and principal protection, stable value is an excellent option for conservative investors.

Our track record of innovation, client focus and commitment to the industry has made Transamerica Stable Value Solutions a provider of choice among plan sponsors for over twenty years.


Transamerica Stable Value Solutions pioneered the synthetic or Trust GIC® in 1991 and has made numerous product innovations ever since. For example, we have custom-tailored GICs to meet client needs and were an early proponent of the “global wrap” concept, which spreads a plan's exposure among several synthetic GIC providers.

We continually evaluate new structures and products to respond to evolving client needs and deliver solid performance throughout various economic environments.

Client Focus

Beyond product innovation, we add value to our client relationships by sharing information, expertise and resources (e.g., tax, legal, accounting, etc.). We are viewed as a key informational resource for our clients and the industry, and as an incubator of creative client solutions. Not surprisingly, many of our business relationships extend beyond a decade, and our products are found in many Fortune 500 companies' 401(k) plan stable value funds.

Commitment to the Industry

Our client focus doesn't prevent us from seeing the big picture. We are forceful industry advocates and actively support policies to keep the market strong and healthy. We participate in trade organizations, forums and publications that promote stable value and enhance its standing as an asset class.

The Product

Our synthetic GICs serve a broad range of clients, product structures and money managers. Customers include a myriad of defined contribution offerings, such as 401(k) and 457 plans.

Transamerica Stable Value Solutions products are issued from one or more of Transamerica's insurance companies: Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company or Transamerica Life Insurance Company. To learn more about our stable value offerings and our commitment to this asset class and its emerging opportunities, explore this site or contact our stable value team.