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Cash Flows and Survey Shed Light on Investor Motivations

By Joshua Durham and Greg Anselmi

What drives the behavior of stable value investors? For many in the stable value industry, the answer that first comes to mind is the fluctuations of interest rates and the performance of financial markets. And while it is true that financial considerations frequently motivate investors, a recent cash flow analysis and internet survey by Transamerica Stable Value Solutions (SVS) offer a salutary reminder that there is more to investor motivation than simply “rates and markets.”


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Transamerica Stable Value Solutions to Launch Client Advisory Board

by Eric Heavner

The comic character Dilbert, while trying unsuccessfully to enlighten his clueless boss about how to improve client relations, finally says in exasperation, “Find out what our clients want and give it to them.” Dilbert’s simple yet wise advice is what’s behind Transamerica Stable Value Solutions’ recent decision to form a client advisory board.


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