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The SVS Client Satisfaction Survey: Building Stronger Client Partnerships

By Bradie Barr

At Transamerica Stable Value Solutions (SVS), we view our clients as our partners. Our client partnerships were forged as we worked side by side during the financial crisis and later, as we sought to strengthen the viability of the stable value asset class by working to minimize the risks associated with this business.

Are TIPS Funds Competing Funds?

By Mark Pherson

Stable value managers and wrap issuers generally see eye to eye on the issue of competing funds. Both understand the potential downside of a rapidly rising interest rate environment, in which plan participants seeking higher yields may be tempted to transfer monies out of stable value funds into funds that compete with stable value, such as money market funds and short duration fixed income funds.

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Women & Retirement (What It Means to Me)

By Kappie Bogart

Much has been made of the fact that far too many Americans have not saved nearly enough to retire comfortably, or at all, for that matter. One astonishing statistic cited by The Wall Street Journal indicated that the average American, age 55-64, has saved only $12,500.

SVIA Billiard Event

During the recent SVIA Fall Forum in Washington, DC, Transamerica Stable Value Solutions hosted a night of fun and games at Buffalo Billiards. The evening's festivities included several highly competitive shuffleboard matches (who knew?), hotly contested ping pong games and few friendly rounds of foosball.
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